This is what ¥150,000 looks like

22 Aug

Truth be told it’s not super impressive. I was kind of hoping I’d roll into the bank, and a large, suited man with sunglasses would hand me a briefcase. I’d crack it open, quickly gaze at the carefully ordered wads of cash, sitting like freshly stocked produce in a grocery, give the man a nod and be on my way. Instead it was a sweet girl who checked my driver’s license and gave me a plastic mailer bag. Oh well, ¥150,000 is really only like $2,000 US. I wanted to bring more but I decided not to assault my savings any further.

The 1,000 yen (sen’en) bill has Hideyo Noguchi pictured, a famous bacteriologist. The 2,000 yen (nisen’en) bill has the Shurei-mon, a castle gate in Okinawa. The 5,000 yen (gosen’en) bill has Ichiyō Higuchi, one of Japan’s first professional female authors. Finally, the 10,000 yen (ichiman’en) bill has Yukichi Fukuzawa, a famous Japanese author, teacher and political theorist. As much as I’d like to sound smart, I looked all of this up on Wikipedia just now.

I do hope this will be enough money to get by on after arriving. Rent and utilities are very cheap, and the apartment’s previous owner is leaving me a lot of his amenities for practically a steal (thanks Max!). My biggest expenditure concerns are food, internet and cell phone. And then possibly some additional home furnishings. I guess I should learn to make a budget. I don’t think we get our first paycheck ’til either middle or the end of September.

Edit: Just for curiosity’s sake, this exchange represents roughly ¥75 to the dollar, which is a pretty sad state of affairs for the US dollar. I can truly remember a time when the exchange on the dollar was closer to ¥120. It was a great time for importing fan crap. Sadly, importing stuff was harder then, and I didn’t know Japanese at the time. Nevertheless, had my current circumstances been back then, at that exchange, I’d be taking ¥240,000 instead of ¥150,000.

Boo hoo.


One Response to “This is what ¥150,000 looks like”

  1. Nadia Oxford August 24, 2011 at 2:36 am #

    I remember when taking a $200 USD cheque into the bank would net me around $260 CDN. Now I’m lucky to get $180 CDN. Tell the US dollar to stop sucking, please.

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