Approaching Zero Hour

23 Aug

It’s finally starting to sink in. It’s that feeling you get when the ultimate transition is bearing down on you. No matter what you try to think, you know time is ever ticking away, bring the inevitable closer. And as much as you can try to understand what you’re about to go through; to read up on all the facts, to hear about the experiences of others, there’s still that uncertainty. It is the wait for the uncertain to become certain. It’s one of the longest waits you can ever have. I’m excited about the change, and I know it will be a good experience. But occasionally I run into these little moments of doing something, or thinking of something, and wishing that moment wouldn’t end.

I’ve been through this before. The emotional and anxiety-ridden build up of having a change in your routine. Going to a new school, starting a new job, moving to a new place. You get worked up about, you wrack your mind with everything that can possibly happen. Then you go through with it, and for a short while you’re in constant learning mode. You’re learning so much all the time you can’t think of anything else. And then it becomes the new routine, and everything is mundane again. Of course, this is bigger than anything I’ve faced. Japan will probably take more than a couple weeks to get used to. But even if the cycle takes longer, it’s still the same cycle.

I’m very fortunate. My family and friends have given me so much support. Even people I don’t know at all have wished me well. I don’t think I could have come this far without everyone’s advice, support and wishes. At the very least, it’d have been a hell of a lot harder. All I can do now is be the very best I can be in my new role, and not let the sentiments and love go to waste.

Even when you’re 28, growing up can take a lot out of you. I think I’ll enjoy myself one last Four Peaks Kiltlifter.



One Response to “Approaching Zero Hour”

  1. Tom and Theresa August 26, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    Tom and I can’t wait to hear from you! It’s 11:45 a.m., in Himeji and 7:45 p.m., in Scottsdale. Today, you are getting set up your bank account, unpacking more, getting your apartment set up and just taking in all the new sights. Wow, we wonder, what are you thinking?

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