Jikan, jikan… (Time, time…)

29 Aug

There’s a slew I’ve been wanting to write about. Many interesting and fun adventures I’ve been having in just the past couple of days. But the cruel mistress of time is holding me back. Actually I think time is supposed to be male. Oh well, screw that guy. Between getting acclimated, learning about work, and socializing with my fellow ALTs and ASEs, by the time I can get to writing about something it’s pretty late at night already. The stories will come out sooner or later. Promise!

One thing I will mention is that today I learned the schools I’ll be working at and met a couple of the teachers. My first school is Okishio Junior High School, which used to be in a town called Yumesaki before it was merged into Himeji in 2006. It’s a pretty small school, only 190 students! I met Rie Takeuchi-sensei who appeared very kind and enthusiastic. I think she will be fun to work with and she has already given me an idea of how she wants to start the lessons.

The second school is Aboshi Junior High School, a bigger school with 480 students. I think an English teacher wasn’t able to make it, so instead I was greeted by the vice principal, Terumitsu Iizuka-sensei, whose English is impeccable. I will work at this school for two terms starting in 2012. Iizuka-sensei is a very impressive man, and I hear he is a nut for English. This is fine since I am a nut for Japanese. Hopefully we will get along well.

Tomorrow I’m going to get up early to practice my commute to Okishio, and then take a look around at the school if possible. The other Shirasagis (what I’ve decided to call my neighbors just now) also want to make a run to the beach in the early afternoon. I’m kind of on the fence since I still have so much to do, but I will probably go. It will make for more great adventures that I’ll have no time to write about.

The veteran Shirasagis treated us newbie ALTs to a potluck tonight. It was quite good, and I used the opportunity to get some of them addicted to Rhythm Heaven. Plans are progressing splendidly.


One Response to “Jikan, jikan… (Time, time…)”

  1. Splashman August 30, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    Sounds like fun already, especially if Rhythm Heaven is involved!

    Jikanjikanjikan desu ka?

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