Mou owatta…

11 Sep

It’s already over. The weekend, that is. This coming week is going to be a pretty big drag, mainly because I have to go in all seven days. It’s because the Taiikusai (athletic festival, think Field Day) is coming up this Sunday. Needless to say, everyone takes it very seriously, and I’ll definitely be writing up a post on it soon, I hope. Also, Saturday is a community potluck, where people from the community who take summer English classes hold us a party, and then on Sunday follow Taiikusai, I’ve been invited to a party and spa with my fellow teachers. Should be… interesting.

However, I’ve started lining up some things to hopefully break up the work/come home/work/come home monotony this job can carry. I will start taking Japanese classes on Wednesday nights. They’re advanced classes, and they should really kick my butt, which I need. Also, tomorrow is the Moon Viewing Festival, and ¥500 buys you all the sake you can drink (though it comes in a tiny cup, and I have no intention of drinking too much with work the following morning). I think keeping an eye out for events like these will help me enjoy myself more.

The real nice thing is that after Taiikusai, we get pretty much the whole following week off, due to holidays and compensation days for coming in on the weekend. Not too sure how I plan to use that time. I’m pretty interested in going to Tokyo, though it will cost a heck of a lot of money. If I don’t do that, I might head to Osaka and see a friend. Others are also planning a trip to Shōdoshima, also called “Olive Island,” though it might be too late for me to register for the stay now.

But before all that, I gotta face the week ahead…


One Response to “Mou owatta…”

  1. Tom and Theresa September 12, 2011 at 5:01 am #

    Field day may be more fun than you think. Enjoy and on your week off, stay safe!

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