12 Sep

Tonight two things happened. I went to my first real festival here in Japan, the Otsukimi festival. And I learned that my iPhone sucks at taking pictures in the dark.

Otsukimi literally means “moon-viewing,” and is a tradition of holding parties to celebrate the harvest moon. It will occur again next month to celebrate the waxing moon. It’s basically just a fun get-together where you can look at the moon through telescopes, get food, like the traditional otsukimi dango (moon-viewing dumpling), and hang out with friends. I normally don’t care for manju style dumplings, but the otsukimi dango was pretty sweet, its odd texture aside.

All in all a pretty fun time, though I left right before they had the taiko performers sadly. I almost didn’t go because I was distressed about losing my hanko (bank stamp) earlier today. But it was a good way to let off steam, and I still found my hanko when I got back!


One Response to “Otsukimi”

  1. Tom and Theresa September 13, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

    where was that iPhone made at? Ur right, pictures are not that good. Enjoyed anyway

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