Osaka again

24 Sep

Made another trip to Osaka today. Rather than sightseeing and such, I went to see a long time friend of mine, Rick. He moved here from Canada some 6-7 years ago, and currently works at a company I am a very big fan of (not mentioning the name for certain circumstances). I posted some photos on Facebook, though again since it wasn’t a sight seeing trip, most of the photos are of otaku goods in some of the stores we visited. Incidentally, the video above is a fountain at Osaka Station. It has a larger variety of patterns, including showing the time every minute.

I tried not to buy too much since I’m a little tight on money. Not really bad, but I’m kind of pretending it is. I kind of forgot that we are only paid once a month, so I splurged a bit after I got my first paycheck. So for the next three weeks I’ll have to live as meagerly as I can. It shouldn’t really be a problem save for the fact I’m not entirely sure how bad bills will be when they start coming. Not to mention that October is a big month for events here. I think I’ll be okay, but it might come to the wire. Still, I really ought to learn to budget money better.


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