Some like it hot

27 Sep

Tonight I made my first curry rice. This is really nothing special. Cook rice, heat up curry, put curry on rice. It’s a very common dish here and I made it in perhaps the most common way possible. But it was nice to have something other than frozen pizza for dinner (not that I eat that EVERY night, just probably too many still).

In stores, curry is marketed with three heat levels: mild (amaguchi), medium (chuukara) and hot (karaguchi). Kind of like salsa back in the States. However, the particular brand of curry I picked up promised to be 20 times hotter than typical karaguchi curry. I was willing to accept the challenge. I’ve been downing suicide wings at Long Wong’s for years up til now (though I’ll admit I’m not so good at it anymore). Also, we were told that the Japanese don’t particularly care for super spicy food. So I figured 20X karaguchi for them might be like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for me.

Anyway, I know it’s the sign of a good story teller to build things up, but I’ve hit my ceiling already. The curry was good and there was no major episode to eating it. The smell initially put me off; it had a very “curry” smell. I don’t much like the smell of curry, it’s like pure spice. But eating it is when the magic happens. Right off the bat it had a very robust, hearty flavor. It was hot but it was a good heat that complemented the taste. However, the hotness really caught up with me when I was finishing up. Got a little sweaty so I went out to grab a beer. But besides that, delicious. I’ll definitely buy more again, although I’ll try some other varieties first.

Incidentally, I read an interesting article today. It stated that spicy food is addictive. Like, addictive in the same way that drugs are. This is because eating spicy food causes a degree of pain, which in turn makes you brain release endorphins. Things that make your brain release endorphins tend to become addictive. I could definitely see some truth in this, though to be honest I can’t recall a time when I was really jonesing for a spicy dish. Then again, maybe it’s such a passive mechanism that I don’t realize it? Like, if I really made a conscious effort to quit eating spicy food, perhaps I’d notice a kind of withdraw symptom…

But I don’t wanna.

Edit: In looking for the top picture, I actually found out that LEE also makes a 30X hot curry. But I think I need to draw the line at 20X. Unless someone wants to pay me.

Edit 2: In looking further, apparently the 30X hot variety comes with a small pouch for a 45X hot bhut jolokia blend curry. Even I’m not THAT brave.

Edit 3: (The next day) Yeah my stomach isn’t doing so great this morning. I might have to rethink this.


One Response to “Some like it hot”

  1. Chi-Hang Lau September 28, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    I’ll pay your $5 to get and eat the X45 spicy curry.
    It’s Japan, they aren’t known for taking spicy stuff, so it can’t nearly be as bad as they are touting.
    Oh, and you might want to consider some sort of vegetables, the fiber helps with the stomach.

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