Aboshi tomorrow

4 Oct

Happy October everyone. I’ve been a little exhausted this week since I think I picked up a small head cold. It’s starting to get pretty chilly in the mornings and I’ve been trying to be “heroic” with the clothes I wear. That’s going to stop.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first elementary school visit. We visit an elementary school every week, though I am visiting two this week and two next week to make up for a day I took off following Taiikusai.

As usual I am both nervous and excited. I have heard that visiting elementary school is a blast, and the younger kids tend to be a lot more excitable and curious about things. On the other hand, with only going so seldom, it makes me worried about screwing up or being unprepared. And it’s hard to know exactly what’s expected of you, even in spite of some of the teachers having met with me already to go over lessons. Gonna try not to worry though.

I actually went ahead and visited Aboshi on the weekend, so I could find my way around easily. Miura-sensei told me that during World War II, when Himeji city was bombed, the Aboshi area didn’t take any damage, so more of the older buildings are still around today. Walking through Aboshi it definitely did have more of an “old time” feel to it. It was also exceptionally quiet for a Saturday afternoon, though hardly a “dangerous feeling” quiet.

I did go by the school but I didn’t go in. The doors were locked, though there were a lot of students around playing baseball and doing other things in the gym. I wasn’t really sure if they were there with teachers or with parents, so I didn’t feel like bothering. I still kind of feel awkward being this big white guy wandering around schools and stuff, potentially appearing as though he doesn’t know where he is.

At any rate, the commute is pretty fun. Aboshi is about the same distance as Yumesaki (where Okishio JHS is), but to the southwest instead. There’s not a bus that goes straight out there, so I have to take the train. Not only is the train faster, it’s a bit cheaper too! And there’s something more fun about riding a train to work, though to many Japanese it must be mundane.

The other ES is Okishio ES, which I already pass by daily on my ride to Okishio JHS. My first day going to Okishio JHS I almost got off at Okishio ES, because the stop is literally named “In front of Okishio School.” It just doesn’t state which school.


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