Fancy treats

7 Oct

I finally came across some interesting Kit Kats (well, not that the zunda Kit Kats weren’t interesting). These are special “fancy” flavors. The left is stawberry hazelnut, and the right is cookies & cream. I think it’s a trend for convenience stores to occasionally stock “fancy” versions of various snacks. The other week I got Pocky in an orange and custard variety. The “fancy” stuff basically costs the same, I think, but you get less of it in the excessive packaging they’re provided. These boxes come with six individually wrapped Kit Kats a piece.

Anyway, on to more interesting subjects. My visits to Aboshi Elementary and Okishio Elementary were a blast. The kids are a lot more excitable, a lot more curious, and, frankly, a lot cuter. (Teachers would actually recommend I eat lunch and do activities with the first and second graders, because “they are cuter/prettier.” Not lying.)

For the most part, the lessons and games and such were prepared in advance. Though often my introduction and Q&A would bump out other activities. Heck, in one of my classes all we did the whole period was Q&A, and I answered mostly in Japanese. Some English class!

Next week I’m going to all three elementary schools! After that it will revert to the regular schedule of once a week. There are actually only four visits per each ES for the term, which is kind of sad. Not that Okishio JHS is bad or anything, and I do like the routine there, but the ES students tend to be more outgoing and interested in you.


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