The filter

13 Oct

Someday I’m intending to write an article about differences between Japan and America, categorizing them into things that I like and things that I hate. I may have already taken a stab at this, I don’t remember. Besides that, I still have a long time to experience things, so it’s probably too soon now. However, I think no matter what I encounter, the thing I will always hate most about Japan is the filter. My Shirasagi friends, if they’re reading this, might know what I mean already.

In America, there is typically not a problem with disposing of food waste in the sink. In fact, it’s kind of encouraged; many home kitchens have garbage disposals in their sinks. American plumbing is robust enough to handle the material.

Apparently, Japanese plumbing is not. I suppose I don’t know if that’s the case everywhere. But in our apartments, our sinks have filters. This means that any food material that manages to get down there stays there. And given enough time, it gets very, very gross. You can’t just leave the filter out either. There isn’t exactly an open pipe beneath; I’m not really sure how it works. But food would just get stuck there instead (and some has).

I suppose if I cleaned the filter on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s something I’m not used to, so for the time being I’m really only reminded to clean it when it starts making a foul smell. And by that point, cleaning it out is the worst chore ever.

You encounter a lot of bad things wherever you are, that’s just life. But so long as I’m in Japan, cleaning hat damn filter will probably always be at the top of my list.


2 Responses to “The filter”

  1. Theresa and Tom October 14, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    Mom says, clean it out every day – what does that take, a few seconds?

  2. Chi-Hang Lau October 17, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Yeah. Do as Mom Says!
    Also the alternative would be to get second removable filter to stack on top of it. You can that at a Daiso or similar store, and said second filter would have a handle letting you grab the whole filter out for easy dumping of it’s particle food contents.

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