I have a date tomorrow

19 Oct

Yep, I’m that much of a mover and a shaker. Until next time, folks!

… … …

Okay, so really, I am meeting a “conversation partner” tomorrow. At the Egret Center, where I take Japanese classes, they have want-ad postings from people seeking conversation partners to better their foreign language skills. In my case, I know a lot of Japanese but I take a long time assembling it in real time, because I rarely use it conversationally.

Anyway, when the postings caught my attention, I decided to select Kyoko’s post, my partner. I’m not sure what stuck out about it. Maybe it’s the cute cat face she drew next to her name, or maybe just her apparent level of proficiency (which seemed better than the other postings).

This week we’ve been emailing back and forth, trying to setup a meeting time and sort of gauging each others’ proficiencies. Initially I didn’t use any Japanese; I guess it just didn’t strike me. But eventually I decided to throw some into my mails; if I didn’t seem interested in Japanese she might think I had other intentions, perhaps. Then, maybe the last two mails I kind of overdid it, and she questioned if I should find a better conversation partner since she doesn’t think he English is as good as my Japanese. Sheesh, women! And besides, mail doesn’t give insight to the computation. While my Japanese looks good, you wouldn’t know it might take me as much as 20 minutes to write a simple response.

So it’s no date. But does she have any intentions? I mean… I kind of hate to bring this up, because it sounds like a stereotype, but I have heard from multiple people that women frequently look for conversation partners with some intent of finding a deeper connection. And I’ve met a handful of people who have met spouses that way; at least one lives here even. Ultimately it’s nothing I should worry about… but having the prospect on my mind will probably make me act a little awkward.

And frankly it’s even too soon to think of those things. I hardly know anything about Kyoko. Namely, her age and what she looks like. She lives in Kakogawa, which is fairly far. She works at a clinic six days a week, I guess as a caretaker (she mentioned she’s not a nurse but she helps patients). Because she works full time, and has had conversation partners before, I am going to suppose she’s beyond college age. She could very well be in her 50s or 60s, for all I know. But the fact she uses a mobile phone and mails me from it makes me want to bring the perceived age down. So, I would suppose somewhere around 25~35. Of course, unless she explicitly tells me, I will probably never know for sure (I don’t know much about women but I know well enough not to ask their age).

She might even have a boyfriend or husband already, so!

In other news, I found a small centipede outside of my bathroom this morning and that was kind of a conniption. I don’t think centipede bites are very dangerous, but I’ve heard they can be very painful and last a while. Now I’m always looking around at the ground for anything that might be a centipede, which is causing paranoia since my apartment is pretty messy.

As for the centipede I found, I took care of it in the most humane way I could manage: tossing it down the sink drain and drowning it. And then I put a glass over the drain in case that didn’t finish it. Last thing I need is a vengeful centipede.


2 Responses to “I have a date tomorrow”

  1. Theresa and Tom October 20, 2011 at 2:39 am #

    You need to keep your apartment clean – you are giving these creatures too many places to hide and procreate!
    Plus, if you like this girl, you may want to cook her dinner at your place and impress her (but that’s only if she is not married or in a relationship)
    Good mom advice!

  2. cheston October 20, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    Dude, remember the movie Swingers? Just be money, kind of early to be stressing out about anything.

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