20 Oct

Well I might as well get this out of the way since it’s probably one of the more interesting things to my readership to come up on this blog.

I met Kyoko today. She’s a bit older than me; I’m going to suppose in her 40s maybe, or late 30s. Like I said, I have enough sense not to ask. But I did tell her my age and she said I’m quite a bit younger than her. She did look quite good, and was very fashionably dressed. Japanese women are very good at beautifying themselves.

We spent about a couple hours together. We walked around Himeji Castle until we found a suitable place to sit. Mostly we just talked about our interests: favorite foods, favorites animals, what motivates us to learn each others’ languages. That sort of thing. I think for the most part we spoke in English, which I kind of let happen. Her English is pretty good; she things my Japanese is better but she can listen to me pretty well, without having to stop and ask me to repeat something or clarify a meaning. With me speaking Japanese, most of my trouble is just getting started.

Eventually I pulled out my Arizona picture collection, which I had on me since I’d come straight from ES. I felt a little sheepish; I basically gave her a lesson that I give to students, but she seemed to enjoy it. I think even Japanese adults get into that stuff. I was kind of troubled at one of my schools because before class the principal saw me bring out my photos and wanted to look through them, and he got them all mixed up. And I’m not going to tell the principal he can’t do that. Same principal also likes to pat my stomach and say “big body.” I think you’d get arrested for that in America.

Kyoko has friends in Seattle, where she also visited for a few weeks. She wants to learn English better to talk to her friends, and she plans on moving there for a much longer term in the future. She’s also interested in Native American studies, and is a big fan of the author Sherman Alexie. I’m probably inept there since, despite coming from Arizona, I know very little about Native Americans. Also I’ve only read a couple of Alexie’s stories (though I do think he’s a great writer).

All in all Kyoko was very friendly and kind. I would like to see her again, and I think we will try to meet every Thursday, so long as the weather is good. I do wonder if I’m the kind of person she was hoping for. I’m sure she’d have preferred someone closer to her age. While I’m making a guess, I think she’s single, and if you remain single when you get older it gets harder to fit in with society. Actually, a lot of middle aged and elderly Japanese do get into second language studies simply because they want people to talk to.

I guess if I’m worried about anything, it’s that she may prefer to find someone else but is too afraid to tell me. Though I think I will keep seeing her so long as she’s interested.


2 Responses to “Kyoko”

  1. Tom and Theresa October 21, 2011 at 2:57 am #

    She may have a younger sister of niece. She’s a good age to be friends with. I’ll find out my friend’s niece’s name who live in Kyoto I think. American who love Japan and I think Catholic. Mom has good wisdom.

  2. cheston October 21, 2011 at 11:37 pm #

    Cougar! Nice! Also, I don’t see why you need to be sheepish about her age if she asked you yours. You could have pulled the classic under-guessing: “you’re older than me? Like what? 33?”. Money.

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