Whine Mode: Activated

8 Nov

Today has been a hell of a day. I’m actually not even mad, just exhausted. But I still feel like going over the crap I dealt with anyway. Ugh, I’m going to turn into one of those whiny bloggers no one likes to read, as opposed to an uninteresting blogger that no one knows to read.

  • Nearly missed the bus, both to and from work.
  • Missed two classes today because I didn’t know they were scheduled for their given periods, and the teacher didn’t tell me. (She actually did tell me yesterday but it slipped my mind when I looked at my erroneous schedule this morning. So I consider this my fault, although I still don’t understand why she didn’t come back to get me.)
  • Left my keys at work, which resulted in my having to carry my bike home. (Though thankfully a friend helped me with this, because…)
  • Have to wear a splint on my left hand because on Saturday I crashed my bike (again) and damaged the ligament. I don’t know if it’s actually torn or what, but thankfully it will heal easily. I am presently writing this post one handed.
  • Had a can of soup burst all over me when I opened it.
  • Just generally kind of broke and living like a pauper until my next paycheck.

But you know, a lot of times that’s just life. A friend did invite me out to dinner earlier. I had eaten the soup already so I didn’t get much at the restaurant, but it did help me relax and blow off steam. It’s thankful that I have a lot of good people who live around me.


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