Pizza in Japan

19 Nov

Whew, it’s been a while. Can’t say I’ve been up to a whole lot though. I’ve been meaning to post about my annoyance with pedestrians in Japan for some time now, but I think my last few posts were already negative themed, and I don’t mean to give the impression this is a bad place or I’m not having a good time. So this will be a positive post. Naturally, it’s about food.

Hey, that’s pretty good English for basic ad mark-up in Japan!

Even before coming to Japan, I’ve always heard that pizza here is pretty different than what we come to expect in America. So I’ve been holding off on buying pizza for these three reasons:

-Pizza in Japan is typically more expensive, with a large pizza, depending on the type, running around $30-35 US.
-Few pizza places actually deliver, requiring you to either dine in or pick up.
-Most pizza joints make pizzas to specific menu preparations. You can’t have a pizza made to order with specific toppings.

Granted, with my little experience, there may be many exceptions. Anyway, I broke down and ordered from a place called Pizza-La, after another friend of mine did a couple times. Surprisingly, they actually do delivery, although it takes roughly an hour at least. But on the flip side, there is no extra charge for delivery and tipping is not customary in Japan. And wait aside, I still got my pizza piping hot.

So what’s pizza like in Japan? Here are some examples from Pizza-La:

Image from Pizza-La.

The Mascarpone Italiana

With Mascarpone cheese made from 100% fresh Hokkaido milk! Deliciously pairing together the fine tastes of ham and thick cut bacon, along with juicy sliced tomatoes, it’s a classic combination pizza you can enjoy like luxury.

Ingredients: Cheese, onion, green peppers, pepper ham, thick sliced bacon, fresh tomato, applewood smoked bacon, black pepper, parsley, bacon flavored bits, thin sliced garlic, Mascarpone cheese, tomato sauce.

(Wow, that’s a lot of bacon. But really, not too far from American tastes.)

Image from Pizza-La.

The King Crab and Shrimp Cream Gratin Pizza

Made with fresh Hokkaido milk gratin sauce! Savor the flavors of two kinds of crab, red king crab and snow crab, along with feisty shrimp. It’s the perfect pizza for winter.

Ingredients: Cheese, Parmesan cheese, corn, shrimp, thick cut bacon, gratin sauce, macaroni (penne), black pepper, parsley, snow crab, red king crab, crab sauce.

(Yeah, not touching this one with a ten foot pole. What is crab sauce supposed to be?)

Image from Pizza-La.

The Pizza-La Bulgogi

Made with beef carefully soaked in a special salty-sweet sauce. It’s a pizza of robust taste, prominent with the delicious flavor of garlic!
*This product does not come with sauce.

Ingredients: Mayonnaise, cheese, onion, corn, spinach, garlic, red pepper strings, black pepper, bulgogi.

(It’s a good thing I like bulgogi a lot, because this is one ugly looking pizza.)

But in the end, THIS is what I ordered:

I’m only now noticing how indecent the sausage arrangement looks.

The Spicy Sausage

With the stimulating flavors of spicy oil and garlic!!
*Spicy oil comes separate.

Ingredients: Cheese, onion, chorizo, garlic, coarse sausage, spicy oil pouch, black pepper, parsley, salsa sauce.

Wow, what a lame description of my pizza. Anyway, to just out and say it, it was pretty darn good. I guess flavor-wise, sure it was a bit different; I’ve never had a pizza like this. But it was tasty. More to the point though, it had the same good feel of just eating a pizza. Gooey cheese, greasy, nice to chew. The cocktail wiener-like sausage was kind of annoying, but that aside I really enjoyed it. Had a delicious spice to it. Though I do feel like I got jilted on the toppings, since the website picture looks like this.

Anyway, just to placate my mother who worries about my health, I don’t plan on ordering these a lot. It’d be too expensive to make a habit of and there are too few pizzas that grab me. I also didn’t eat the whole damn thing – I’d be dead. With the cost of it, it’s more effective to save it for future meals.

But I do think I will brave that bulgogi pizza sometime down the road. It’s nice to find one more convenience that just makes me feel at home.


One Response to “Pizza in Japan”

  1. Theresa November 20, 2011 at 4:57 am #

    We’ll order the first one. Nice to know it will come hot!

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