Looking Ahead

15 Dec

My term at Okishio is nearly coming to an end; next week is the final week. I’m definitely going to miss this school. I can’t help but feel dismayed that I’m having to take off when I started finally feeling a groove and a place. I finally got to learning the students’ names (or learning to read them at the very least). And I’ve made some good friends that I’m going to miss seeing every day.

Nevertheless, I am also excited to see what Aboshi will be like. Granted, I think it will be a little rough going through the whole “getting used to things” routine again. It shouldn’t be as hard since, from my experience, Japanese public schools are ran pretty much the same. I also imagine I will be a bit busier, since Aboshi has, I believe, somewhere around 500 students, whereas Okishio has just 180.

I believe I always have the option of returning to Okishio for my new term next year, at least if the school wants me back, so there is that. Also, if I go to the same elementary schools the next term (which I ought to), I can always pay a visit on the days I go to Okishio Elementary.

Aside from that, things have been mostly quietly lately. I tend to lack energy these days, which I just attribute to the winter season. I’m by no means unhappy but I feel less like taking care of things after I get home. I still have some Christmas shopping to do but it’s coming down to the wire!

Kyoko never responded to my apologies and I haven’t seen her since, so I think it’s a safe bet that’s through. I suppose, it’s an unfortunate lesson in interacting with people here. Ah well…

There have also been a number of events lately. I got to play Santa Claus at a preschool, and in the same day we held a Christmas activity party for elementary school students at Joken ES. I also went to Kyoto last weekend and visited a temple for the first time. Those pictures are on my Facebook page, and I intend to get others up soon.

So yeah, overall things are still going fine. Hard to believe I’ll already be 1/6 into my term pretty soon. Time is going by too fast and I feel like I still haven’t made the most of it yet.


One Response to “Looking Ahead”

  1. Theresa December 16, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    Contact Koyko once more again. Tell her that you’re not perfect in understanding her feelings and that she is a worthwhile friend. Friends are hard to come by.

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